SIPTU representatives have said they have received an initial response from the Sisters Of Charity to their call for discussions on the issues arising for employees from the decision to place into liquidation the Caritas Convalescent Centre, St. Mary’s Centre Telford and St. Monica’s Nursing Home in Dublin. SIPTU Organiser, Brian Condra, said: “The Sisters have acknowledged the correspondence sent by the unions which represent workers at this institutions. We further note that they have committed to a full response to our request to meet for discussions on an enhanced redundancy package for these employees and other issues. We now fully expect the Order to engage with the workers’ unions in relation to its obligations to staff at the three centres.” He added: “The Sisters must engage with us to resolve in a fair and just manner all the issues highlighted by these staff who have shown not just a great commitment but incredible loyalty throughout their working careers. Until a just agreement is achieved, these SIPTU members will continue to campaign for a just redundancy settlement.” The Labour Court has ruled that 64 staff at the Sister Caritas Convalescent Centre on Merrion Road, Dublin 4, should be given public sector-scale redundancy payments. The Court has previously ruled that staff employed by Section 39 bodies, run independently, but funded by the State and including the three institutions, should receive redundancy payments equivalent to those paid to public servants.