SIPTU has criticised the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) for making unwarranted threats against a union representative who has spoken out about staff issues. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Martin O’Rourke, said: “Our members in the FAI had hoped the darkest days of poor management were behind us but are shocked by what we believe are less than transparent and deeply flawed management practices.  We have now been compelled to write to the FAI management to remind it of the Code of Practice on Victimisation. “While the FAI might be somewhat embarrassed by SIPTU members describing it as a toxic workplace, most progressive organisations seek to address deficiencies rather than threaten the messenger with disciplinary action.  It seems management within the FAI would prefer the less progressive route.   “Our members will not be silenced and will continue to blow the whistle until we see constructive and positive engagement on the issues affecting our members. These include recruitment and promotion practices, a less than transparent job evaluation process, poor communications and a failure to adequately engage with their employee’s trade union representatives.    “We have also secured a 100% pay restoration for our lowest paid members in the FAI from 24th April and intend to ensure that other issues of serious concern are also resolved.”