A SIPTU member’s claim against Ard Eoin Kickhams GAC for failure to pay her statutory redundancy entitlements will be heard by the Industrial Tribunal in Belfast on Friday, 17th April. The case involves the Belfast GAA club’s former bar manager, Cathy McMahon, who was employed for 25 years until her post was declared redundant on 23rd October 2014.Despite attempts by SIPTU to negotiate with the management of Ard Eoin Kickhams GAC, it has refused to enter into any discussions.SIPTU Organiser, Brenda Callaghan, said: “Cathy McMahon is a popular and well-known figure in GAA circles. She was working her last shift when she received a letter to inform her that there would be a delay with the payment of her redundancy entitlement. “That was the last correspondence she has received from Ard Eoin Kickhams GAC.  As part of the attempts to bring this situation to a satisfactory conclusion SIPTU has written to the GAA President, Aogan O'Fearghail. Apart from a holding email no further communications have been received to this letter.”Cathy McMahon said: “I am very hurt by the way I have been treated.  When the redundancy was first raised the club chairman told me there would be no enhancements to my redundancy pay.  I worked my notice and it was a severe blow when I was told there would be a delay in receiving my redundancy payment. It is now six months since I was made redundant and nothing has been forthcoming.  Consequently, I have been placed under extreme financial pressure and feel that my 25 years of service at the club have counted for nothing.”Brenda Callaghan added: “We believe the employer’s actions have brought shame on this great club and the failure of the GAA centrally to resolve the situation will leave many fans dismayed. It is with regret that we have had to proceed to an Industrial Tribunal in an attempt to secure our member’s basic entitlement. We still hope that the GAA will intervene to resolve this matter forthwith.”