Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures released today showing inflation rising to 6.3% will send a shockwave through workplaces across Ireland, according to SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, Gerry McCormack. The union predicts that workers and their families, already struggling with a cost-of-living crisis, will face significant stress and anxiety as a result of rising prices. This will be compounded by the recent surge in interest rates and mean thousands more households struggling to make ends meet each month. SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, Gerry McCormack, said: "The Government possesses a substantial arsenal of resources that can be deployed to mitigate the worst effects of this crisis. We will not stand idly by as workers and their families are squeezed by rising prices. We are calling on the Government to act urgently and decisively to address rising inflation and provide immediate relief."SIPTU recognises the pressing need to reassess its pay strategy and explore substantial wage increases during collective bargaining negotiations with employers. Moreover, existing agreements will be reviewed to ensure that standards of living for workers are preserved in the face of this economic crisis."By urging government intervention and initiating discussions with employers, SIPTU is seeking to ensure that the interests of workers are safeguarded and that they are not unduly burdened by the spiralling cost of living."