SIPTU has called on the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Simon Coveney, to reconsider his plan to deal with the rental crisis which was released yesterday Tuesday, 13th December) due to its failure to adequately address issues of security for tenants. SIPTU National Campaigns and Equality Organiser, Karan O’Loughlin, said: “There are several clear problems with the Rent Strategy announced by Minister Coveney. As it stands, it will still allow rents to rise by 12% over the next three years. Bizarrely it also only covers Dublin and Cork City despite the fact that the rental crisis is nationwide.

 “The Secure Rents campaign, which is supported by SIPTU and several other trade unions, has put rent security firmly on the agenda. The campaign’s basic aims have the support of all the opposition parties in the Dáil and even Fianna Fáil has been pushed into a position where it is now refusing to back the Government’s current proposals. “The campaign is now moving its focus onto Government TDs, who must be left in no doubt that there needs to be more security for tenants around the length of tenancies and against eviction. Campaign supporters are being called upon to contact their local Fine Gael and Government Independent TDs to tell them that they are unhappy that the Rent Strategy does not go far enough in dealing with out of control rents and a lack of protections for tenants.” She added: “Campaign supporters will be asking their local Government TD why the Strategy only deals with rents in Dublin and Cork, why the plan does not seek to keep rent increases in line with inflation and that they also communicate these concerns directly to Minister Coveney. “What was announced yesterday amounts to a real missed opportunity by the Government to bring order to the chaotic rental market. We are calling on all opposition TDs to stand firm to force real change that will assist in ending the rental crisis that effects many thousands of people and not accept what amounts to a mere tinkering around the edges of the problem.”