SIPTU has called for urgent action by politicians and State Agencies to save jobs at the Roche pharmaceutical plant in Clarecastle, County Clare, following the announcement last night (Tuesday, 17th May) that a proposed buyout of the facility will not now happen. SIPTU Organiser, Paul Depuis said: “Roche announced at a meeting of its employees at the Clarecastle plant last night that the sale of the plant as part of a buyout by an international pharmaceutical contract manufacturer is not now going ahead. “Management informed the workers that at this point in time, there does not appear to be any further potential buyers for the plant and that it will now proceed with the wind down of operations over the next three years.” He added: “The announcement came as a complete shock to the employees. It is devastating for our members and their families as well as the surrounding area. The original closure announcement was made by Roche in November 2015, but employees hopes were lifted during the intervening months when a potential buyer emerged and went through a number of stages of due diligence. “At a recent meeting, SIPTU had been informed that Roche hoped to be in a position to confirm the sale of the plant this month. SIPTU is to meet with the company in the coming days to discuss the announcement and its impact for our members and their families as well as to explore whether there is any hope of any other potential buyers emerging. “The union is also calling on local politicians and State Agencies concerned with employment to use whatever influence they may have to save the plant. The jobs this facility provides are of vital importance to the local community and economy.”