SIPTU representatives have criticised an attempt by the management of Bus Éireann to force through an inequitable wage cuts at the company which overwhelmingly focus on the earnings of bus drivers and other staff while ignoring senior management. In a letter to the management of Bus Éireann, sent today (Wednesday, 15th March), SIPTU Sector Organiser, Willie Noone, states: “It is critically important that any overall proposals are fair and equitable among all categories. SIPTU did not break down the recent discussions (at the Workplace Relations Commission).  “The company wanted immediate savings which would have involved immediate cuts to the pay of some employees and breaches of collectively bargained agreements. This was not acceptable. Senior management for example were not asked to make any contribution and this clearly was not equitable or fair.”  During the talks process Willie Noone states that “a number of inefficiencies” at the company were “acknowledged and accepted” by all sides.  “SIPTU is committed to eradicating inefficiencies as this is a mechanism to secure good employment terms for our members into the future,” Willie Noone said.   The letter continues, “the SIPTU position is that an agreement on this is achievable” and that “SIPTU members and representatives want it noted that they do not want a dispute and are committed to the survival of Bus Éireann, its presence on the maximum number of routes and the maximum number of decent jobs.”