SIPTU representatives have called on the management of Irish Rail to desist from issuing letters to workers which could be perceived as threatening their livelihoods and instead enter into negotiations aimed at resolving the dispute at the public transport company. SIPTU TEAC Organiser, Greg Ennis, said: “Our members received a letter yesterday from the Irish Rail Chief Executive Officer, David Franks, which many saw as threatening their livelihoods and the future of the company. Such an approach has only strengthened the resolve and commitment of our members to continue their industrial action until all sides agree a just resolution.” He added: “This will only come about when all the stakeholders sit down around the table and agree the best way forward for the company and rail travel in Ireland. This will require Mr. Franks to organise a meeting and meaningful discussion with the representatives of a workforce that is one of the great assets of Irish Rail. “Until management realises that this is the only way that we can bring this dispute to a conclusion, the possibility of a further escalation in the industrial action by our members is a very real possibility.”