SIPTU representatives have called on the Kerry Group to accept an invitation to attend a hearing of the Labour Court concerning the ongoing dispute at the company’s plants in Charleville, County Cork. SIPTU Organiser, Terry Bryan, said: “The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) formally intervened in the trade dispute at the Kerry Group plants in Charleville, today (Tuesday, 14th February). The intervention is being made in light of serious concerns regarding potential job losses. “The WRC being cognisant of the number of conciliation conferences that have previously been held regarding this dispute is referring the matter directly to the Labour Court for an urgent hearing.” He added: “SIPTU has accepted the invitation and is calling on the company to confirm its agreement to attend the Labour Court. This dispute now has the potential to be resolved if management accepts this invitation, which is in line with the agreed dispute resolution procedures at the company.” The dispute at the plants in Charleville, County Cork has already resulted in a series of 24-hour work stoppages in recent weeks.