SIPTU has advised members to ignore a recent and threatening, statement from the Nurses and Midwives Board of Ireland (NMBI) with regard to the current campaign of opposition to the 50% increase in retention fee being sought by that organisation. 

 Along with the two other nursing unions, SIPTU is calling on nurses and midwives to pay a retention fee, of €100, to NMBI, after 5th January 2015 rather than the €150 that organistion is demanding. The €100 fee is the same retention fee levied on other allied health professionals.SIPTU Sector Organiser, Kevin Figgis, said: “In its most recent correspondence which, regrettably, was again negative and threatening in tone, NMBI has confirmed that a fee reminder will issue, around 2nd February 2015, allowing a further 28 days for payment of the fee before it goes before any board meeting.“This is confirmation that there is no requirement to pay any fee, in full, by 1st January 2015, as NMBI had previously claimed”.He added: “SIPTU is advising members to immediately cancel any direct debits with NMBI. Members can email NMBI, at, confirming they wish to cancel their direct debit”.Members who have any difficulty regarding cancelling their direct debit to NMBI should immediately contact the SIPTU Health Division.