SIPTU representatives have called on the Rehab Group to honour a Labour Court recommendation that states that it should pay outstanding redundancy payments due to 38 workers formerly employed by one of its subsidiaries in county Limerick who lost their jobs in 2021. SIPTU Organiser, Robbie Purfield, said: “The Labour Court recommendation, which was delivered earlier this month, vindicates the position of our members that the Rehab Group must pay them their agreed redundancy terms. These workers were employed by Rehab Enterprises and the recommendation states that the collective agreement our members had with that entity should be honoured by its parent company which is the Rehab Group. “We have written to the Rehab Group asking it to clarify its position on this matter in light of this important decision by the Labour Court. Our members expect Rehab Group to respect the recommendation of the Labour Court, especially as it receives state funding and this decision has been made by a state agency. “The situation involves members who were made redundant by Rehab Enterprises in early 2021 when it closed its logistics centre in Raheen, county Limerick. The company contended that it could not afford to pay the agreed redundancy terms which was six weeks’ pay per year of service. Instead of honouring this agreement it paid our members their statutory redundancy entitlements and let them go.”  He added: “Our members have not accepted their unfair treatment after years of loyal service. They have brought this issue before the Labour Court on a number of occasions and their resilience has seen them vindicate their rights with this recommendation. They expect Rehab Group to now honour its obligations as a matter of urgency and pay them their outstanding redundancy entitlements.”