The SIPTU Meath District Committee is urging Meath workers, their families and community organisations to turn out in large numbers in Dublin on Saturday, 9th February, to protest against being saddled with €64 billion of debt that belongs to the banks. Meath District Committee Secretary, John Regan, told a meeting of committee members in Navan last week that the Irish bank bailout prevented the collapse of the European banking system and probably saved the Euro currency. He said: “The whole EU benefitted but we are expected to foot the €64 billion bill alone. This is an unacceptable burden, which has meant that so far the average EU citizen has paid €192 to cover the cost of their bust banks but our bank bailout has cost every Irish citizen almost €9,000 or nearly 50 times the EU average.”“Despite Ireland only constituting 1% of Europe’s population, unless a new deal is done we are expected to repay a debt of €64 billion, far bigger than the bank debt of major powers like Germany, the UK and Spain. This burden must be lifted so that jobs and the domestic spend in the economy can recover.” District Committee delegates made a united call for large numbers to travel from Meath to the Congress protest in Dublin on Saturday, 9th February, to lend their voice to the call for the European Commission and the European Central Bank to renegotiate the debt to be repaid.Those attending the Dublin protest are to assemble at Cook Street, Wood Quay, on Saturday, 9th February, at 1.30 p.m.