SIPTU members have expressed disappointment and concern at the findings of the Higher Education Authority (HEA) review of the gender divide in senior academic posts across publicly funded higher education institutions. The HEA review has confirmed that while the overall academic staff gender divide in higher education is 50/50, males significantly outnumber females in senior posts. SIPTU Education Organiser, Louise O’Reilly said: “The HEA has clearly identified an issue of discrimination with regard to female academics accessing promotion which is a matter of concern, though not surprise. We believe that this might be replicated in non-academic grades and this should be further investigated.  While the report paints a very bleak picture we are confident that this can be addressed in conjunction with our members and their trade union representatives.   “We will also be writing to the Irish Universities Association to offer any assistance we can to address this serious issue.  All of our academic members regardless of gender, marital status or on any other ground deserve a level playing field for promotional opportunities.”