SIPTU representatives have expressed concern over the decision of Irish Ferries to cancel its services from Rosslare Europort, County Wexford, and France from the beginning of 2019. SIPTU Organiser, Paul Cullen, said: “This decision is deeply concerning and disappointing for our members employed in the Rosslare Europort and the surrounding region. “The port has the potential to become a major gateway for imports and exports after Brexit. However, a failure to fully comprehend the strategic value of the port has led to a lack of investment in it, leading to it being unable to reach its full potential. This has resulted in a failure to complete infrastructural improvements in the port area, such as a new access road.” He added: “The decision to end the Rosslare to France route is a commercial one by Irish Ferries. However, it is the responsibility of the Government to work to ensure that there is a future for the Rosslare Europort and the economy of the surrounding area.”