SIPTU representatives have condemned an attempt by the management of Tesco Ireland to outsource almost 100 security worker roles at the supermarket chain and have called on the company to engage in negotiations concerning any proposed changes. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Martin O’Rourke, said: “Tesco management has informed security workers that they must decide whether they wish to transfer from direct employment by the supermarket chain to employment by a private security company by 1st March or lose their jobs. SIPTU representatives are calling on the company to defer any decision on this matter and enter into serious negotiations on the future of these roles.”  He added: “These security workers worked throughout the height of the pandemic, often placing their own health and safety on the line to protect customers and colleagues. It is completely unacceptable that they are being treated in this manner by the company.” SIPTU member and Tesco security worker, James McGrath, said: “I have worked in the Tesco store in Mullingar, county Westmeath, for 17 years. Last Tuesday (8th February), I was called into the office by my store manager and was informed that Tesco had decided to outsource myself and my contract to a private security company. “To say I was shocked is an understatement. I worked throughout the pandemic, which included a lot of dangerous situations during which I endured verbal abuse and threats. Tesco security workers were really on the frontline during the pandemic.”  He added: “I and many of my colleagues have now been placed under enormous stress about our futures and the livelihoods of our families. My Tesco colleagues in other roles been very supportive and do not believe it is fair that security workers have been singled out to be treated in such a disgraceful manner.”