SIPTU members have condemned the failure of the Government to meet a commitment to provide €2.6 million in funding to keep open King John’s Castle in Limerick City and Bunratty Castle in County Clare until the end of the year. SIPTU Organiser, Rachel Keane, said: “At a meeting with the management of Shannon Heritage today (Wednesday, 30th September) our members were stunned by the news that the promise by the Government to provide €2.6 million to ensure that these iconic Shannon Heritage sites would remain open until the end of the year will not be honoured.   “The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for sites run by Shannon Heritage. However, SIPTU members ensured that these sites were maintained and developed in order to offer an attractive experience for visitors from within Ireland. Our members welcomed the announcement in August that the Government intended to provide €2.6 million in funding to keep the sites managed by Shannon Heritage open until the end of December. Today, it was revealed that the funding that will be provided falls far short of that outlined in the initial announcement.” SIPTU activist, Caroline O’Sullivan, said: “We know the importance of these sites to our heritage and to tourism in the region. The Government is now reneging on its promise to ensure the stability and security of our history and our jobs. We were assured that we would be receiving funds to support us through this unprecedented crisis, which is far from over, but that support has now been withdrawn without any consultation.” SIPTU Activist, Chris Rowley, said: “We are calling on the Government to explain why its commitment to support these sites has turned out to be an empty promise.”