SIPTU members at Tim Hastings Garage in Westport, County Mayo, are considering a campaign of industrial action due to the refusal of management to attend a Labour Court hearing concerning the redundancy of several workers at the company. SIPTU Sector Organiser, John McCarrick, said: “It is completely unacceptable that management has refused to engage in the Labour Court process. Due to management intransigence our members are now left with little option but to commence preparations for a ballot for industrial action. “In August, management implemented the compulsory redundancy of four of our members in the garage.  However, the process by which these workers were selected to be made redundant was not transparent or acceptable. Due to the deplorable manner in which these loyal members of staff were treated it was decided to bring their case to the Labour Court.” He added: “The current situation is particularly unfortunate due to the previous longstanding working relationship our union has had with the company. This relationship has become extremely strained due to the approach taken by management over the last 18 months. “Our members are calling for an immediate change of approach by management to this issue. If there continues to be a refusal by the company to engage with the Labour Court our members will have no option but to pursue a campaign of industrial action to secure a just outcome to this dispute.”