SIPTU representatives have condemned a decision by the management of Stackstown Golf Club, county Dublin, to hire an outside contractor to assist with course maintenance rather than schedule more work for five directly employed staff who are SIPTU members. SIPTU Organiser, Martin Mannion, said: “Last Friday (12th November), management of Stackstown Golf Club made the decision to bring in an outside contractor to assist in the maintenance of its course. This is despite there being five SIPTU members employed by the club and available to carry out this work. These workers have a combined length of service of more than 100 years. “The management decision follows 21 months in which our members’ responsibilities have been eroded and their work undermined. We believe the decision to introduce an outside contractor is a further attempt by management to undermine the terms and conditions of employment of our members as well as possibly preparing the way to end their jobs completely.” He added: “The management action is a serious blow following the many years of loyal service they have given to Stackstown Golf Club. For more than two decades, maintenance of the course was carried out by our members without any difficulties. However, this situation changed in the last two years with changes to the membership of the golf club committee.” Stackstown Golf Club Head Green Keeper and SIPTU member, Ed Mulligan, said: “After many years of loyal service the treatment of the five course staff by management in recent times has had a devastating effect on our professional reputation and a major impact on our mental health.” He added: “We are asking Stackstown Golf Club members to reconsider this decision and sit down with SIPTU representatives to resolve the perceived problems. This approach is far more sensible than bringing in outside contractors to carrying out course maintenance at large expense. The club has an experienced and loyal workforce which wishes to resolve all outstanding issues.”