SIPTU has condemned the treatment of staff, including the implementation of compulsory redundancies without negotiation, by the new management of the Sunday Business Post. SIPTU Organiser, John White, said: “The new management of the Sunday Business Post has introduced a culture of intimidation rather than cooperation into the running of the newspaper.“In recent days two members of staff have been informed they will be made redundant without negotiation. These include a trade union activist who has worked at the company for 23 years. He was called in last week from annual leave to receive one month’s notice that he was to lose his job and receive a minimum statutory redundancy payment.”He added: “The new management has implemented a brutal approach to the running of the newspaper, which has included an attempt to get workers to waive their legal protections. It has refused to recognise the constructive role trade unions have played in maintaining the company as a going concern. Rather than negotiating with workers in accordance with long standing collective agreements management has decided to treat loyal staff with contempt.“This is not only damaging to the workforce but also fosters a culture of intimidation and subservience which curtails the ability of a media organisation to adequately fulfill its function of objectively reporting on Irish society.“It is a approach that demeans workers and their importance to the proper functioning of a business and is reminiscent of the Ireland of 1913 rather than 2013. It is an approach which SIPTU will challenge by all means open to it.”