SIPTU has condemned the use of strikebreakers by Greyhound Household stating that it is unclear whether the individuals now carrying out domestic waste collection in Dublin can provide a professional service. Pickets were placed on the Greyhound Household plant in Clondalkin, west Dublin, this morning (Friday, 27th June) at 6.00 a.m., in a dispute provoked by a management attempt to unilaterally implement cuts to workers’ wages and changes to their conditions of employment.  SIPTU Organiser, Henry O’Shea, said: “We are highly concerned by the use of strikebreakers by Greyhound Household. Our members who are on picket duty have not impeded the entry or exit of individuals or vehicles from the Greyhound Household facility. However, they have noted the entry and exiting times of the vehicles outside those specified in by-laws for the collection of waste. It is also unclear what level of training, if any, the men operating these vehicles have.”Henry O’Shea also dismissed claims by management that the strike action by SIPTU members was in breach of a collective agreement at the company.“There have been claims that a collective agreement in operation at the company forbids either workers or management from taking any action in relation to a dispute without 14 days notice,” said Henry O’Shea."In reality, the workers gave management seven days notice of their intention to take strike action while management gave no notice whatsoever when it attempted to implement cuts to workers wages of up to 35% and changes to their conditions of employment.”He added that the over 70 SIPTU members on strike were willing to return to work under their previously agreed terms and conditions of employment.Greyhound Household has a contract to collect household waste for Dublin City Council.