The successes of the Better than Zero campaign by the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) against precarious work practices were outlined to delegates attending the SIPTU Services Division Biennial Conference in Portlaoise, County Laois, this afternoon (Thursday, 1st November). STUC Policy Officer, Sarah Collins, said: “The campaign developed a dual strategy of public brand damage and legal action. The effect is to sear the black and white Better than Zero symbol onto companies’ public image – symbolised by the stickers that appear on doors, tables, and menus. Once the company has been Better than Zeroed it often gives way to demands. “Numerous bars and restaurant owners have been in touch, capitulating to pay wages or give holidays or un-sack people, once they’ve been ‘called out’ on the Better than Zero Facebook or twitter pages.” She added: “Better than Zero forced the issue of bad work into Scottish politics and media –and the Scottish Government has agreed, through our shared ‘fair work’ agenda, that public grants and investment will now be conditional on companies paying the Living Wage and not using zero hour contracts. “Despite the successes of the campaign, we are not an advice centre or a lobbying group.  The only way to build capacity of those in precarious work is to tool people up directly to organise in their workplaces and be able to collectively challenge their own employer. Public image, external mobilisation and the law are tools which become much heavier with the weight of the workers.”