Delegates at the SIPTU Biennial Delegate Conference in Sligo recognised the work of union members across the public service and private sector during the Covid-19 pandemic with a parade, short film and motion of appreciation for the SIPTU Frontline Heroes. Addressing the conference, SIPTU Honorary Vice-President, Michele Monahan, said: “Since we last met at a SIPTU Biennial Delegate Conference, we have lived through some of the most difficult years that Ireland, that the world, has faced for many decades. The Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge of a kind few of us ever expected to face.  “How did we get through these most difficult of times? I will tell you how we did. We pulled together as a people, as workers, as SIPTU members and rose to meet the challenges. We overcame them through a sense of community, of social solidarity, of compassion for our fellow human beings.” She added: “In remembering these difficult times and in marking the contribution of our Frontline Heroes here today, we must also commit to ensuring we do not go back, that we cherish and continue to foster that sense of reinvigorated community which can ensure that we can build a better union, a better Ireland into the future.” SIPTU NEC member, Eugene Murphy, said: “Irish society owes these ‘frontline heroes’, many of whom are proud members of our union, a massive thank you. Over the last two years they showed who are the real backbone of our society and economy.”