SIPTU representatives have congratulated Bohemian FC on the release of its new ‘Better in a Trade Union’ jersey which will be premiered by the club tonight in its League of Ireland match against Dundalk FC. 

SIPTU Community Sector Organiser, Brendan Carr, said: “SIPTU looks forward to developing its long relationship with Bohemian FC, other League of Ireland clubs and the wider sporting community. Trade unions and the best sporting organisations share the same values of fair play, working as a team and respecting all people for their abilities no matter what their background.

“It is with great pride as a trade unionist and someone with a long family history of connection with Bohemian FC that the club has decided to wear a jersey which makes the clear statement that workers are ‘Better in a Trade Union’. “

He added: “In recent years it has become evident to all, the hard work being put in by League of Ireland clubs throughout the country to develop positive connections with their local communities from which they draw support. We look forward to working with all League of Ireland clubs and other sporting bodies in their development as sources of pride, community attachment and symbols of fair play for workers.”

SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, John King, said: “As a Shamrock Rovers supporter it would be with a certain sense of trepidation that I would don a Bohs jersey. But by donning this Bohs FC jersey to help promote the message to all workers that they are ‘Better in a Trade Union’, I believe I have shown that there is no greater cause than that of the labour and trade union movement. 

“That said, it will not change my hope for the ‘Hoops’ to make it to a historic five League of Ireland titles in a row!”

Bohemian FC COO, Daniel Lambert, said: “We are delighted to unveil this jersey, and promote the values and importance of trade unions today, whilst also recognising their importance throughout the history of our city, and the country itself.” 

He added: “These are encapsulated in the jersey design with references to famous Bohemian trade unionist Jer O’Leary and national hero James Connolly. As a fan-owned community football club, equally owned by almost 3,000 people, the strength of the collective is at the very heart of what it means to be a Bohemian.”

Featuring public and private sector workers from across the island of Ireland, the Better in a Trade Union campaign highlights union benefits such as enhanced job security, advice and support, improved terms and conditions of employment, and better pay.

Pictured above in the new Bohemian FC ‘Better in a Trade Union’ jersey are (left to right) SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, John King, Forsa activist Chris Crowley, Bohemian FC player James Akintunde, SIPTU activist Suzanne Armstrong, Bohemian FC player Anna Hegarty and SIPTU Community Sector Organiser, Brendan Carr.