The SIPTU Construction Sector has welcomed a ruling by the High Court last Friday (18th March) which extends the number of buildings protected as a national monument in the Moore Street area of Dublin due to their connection to the 1916 Easter Rising. SIPTU Construction Sector Organiser, Martin Meere, said: “In this centenary year of the 1916 Rising, the High Court ruling extending the number of buildings in this area deemed to be part of a national monument is very welcome.  “The Moore Street area was the centre of the dramatic final hours of the Rising before its leaders decided to surrender in order to save civilian lives. The area is a crucial piece our history and the High Court ruling recognises this.” SIPTU Construction Sector President, Eddie Gunnery, said: “The commemoration of the centenary of the Rising is not in the sole ownership of the Government or the State, rather it must be inclusive and for all citizens.  “We believe the High Court ruling now makes it possible to develop this important site in a way that ensures that its historic and cultural value is fully respected. The future development of the site should now be planned in conjunction with the relatives of those who took part in the Rising and relevant groups who wish to honour those who fought in 1916.”