A construction worker has secured an award of €6000 in compensation from the Labour Court for not being provided with the correct rates of pay, pension entitlements and annual leave applicable under the Construction Sectoral Employment Order (SEO). SIPTU Workers Rights Centre Advocate, Shonagh Byrne, said: “Joseph Kuyewawa, a SIPTU member, was employed as a General Operative through the employment agency, CLS Recruitment Group Ltd. At the WRC, we successfully argued that Joseph was a Category B Worker under the 2019 Construction SEO and should have been paid a rate of pay of €17.50 per hour. He had also been denied his correct pension and holiday entitlements. “The Labour Court determined that Joseph had been incorrectly paid and that he should be compensated for income and other entitlements lost due to the failure of his employer to apply the statutory terms as set down by the Construction SEO.” Kuyewawa said: “I am very happy with the Labour Court decision in my case. I would encourage workers inthe Construction Sector to join SIPTU to ensure their rights in work are protected.” SIPTU Sector Organiser, John Regan, said: “All construction workers have a legal entitlement to be in the Construction Workers Pension Scheme as it also provides for sick pay entitlements and a death in service benefit of €100,000 in the event of fatality.  “The increase in the hourly rate of pay for Joseph has also given him an upward adjustment to his annual leave entitlements which, the Labour Court stated, should have been calculated at the correct rate of pay.” He added: “On behalf of SIPTU Construction Sector members, I congratulate Joseph for having the courage to challenge this injustice and hope that it is an example to all workers in construction to stand up and fight for their legal rights, all of which are contained in the Construction SEO.”