SIPTU members have expressed their deep disappointment at the introduction of a new benefit payment for people forced to retire at 65. According to SIPTU researcher, Michael Taft, the payment does not provide an adequate income for those forced to leave work at 65 and does not address the issue of mandatory retirement. “While the Government has finally recognised the problems faced by people forced to retire at 65 and unable to access their pension for another year, this new benefit is deeply disappointing as it does not provide for an adequate income,” he said. “This benefit payment will result in people receiving up to €2300 less annually than the state pension entitlement. They are being penalised twice – first by employers who require employees to retire at 65 and then by a state payment which does not allow for an adequate income for them and their adult dependants. “SIPTU members are calling for the abolition of mandatory retirement and to permit people to remain in employment until they reach the pension age, and beyond.  “The Government should not need to be reminded that, in last year’s general election, voters supported parties and candidates who objected to the proposal to raise the pension age to 67 and for a fair and adequate pension system for people in retirement.”