The SIPTU Dublin District Council has condemned a government decision to increase the number of work permits issued for chefs from non-EU countries as a move that will further undermine pay and working conditions in the industry. SIPTU Dublin District Council secretary, Brendan Carr, said: “Despite the massive profits being generated in the hospitality industry, chefs and other staff are continuing to endure poor pay and conditions. Being a chef was previously a live long profession where people could progress and develop their skills over many years. “What is needed is for employers in the hospitality industry to engage in the Joint Labour Committee (JLC) system so that decent rates of pay and conditions can be agreed for chefs. This will attract young people into the profession with the reassurance that they can develop a live long career.” He added: “Rather than asking employers to engage in the JLC system, Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation Heather Humphreys is taking the low road of seeking to bring in chefs from countries with even poorer pay and conditions. This will merely undermine the profession further and not solve the problem of a shortage of skilled workers long term. “The Government should rather be calling on employers to enter the JLC system and invest in apprenticeships for chefs.”