SIPTU members in the Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) have expressed concern at the contents of the Fianna Fáil General Election manifesto which makes clear that the party is open to the removal of the DFB emergency ambulance service. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Brendan O’Brien, said: “Our members are concerned that Fianna Fáil has radically changed its position on the retention of the DFB emergency ambulance service. “In a previous Fianna Fáil document entitled the ‘Vibrant Capital’ it stated that the party ‘fully supports the retention of the Dublin Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service’ and that ‘Fianna Fáil will fight to retain this service which has served Dubliners so well’. “However, in their ‘Patient Services First’ document which is included in the Fianna Fáil 2016 General Election manifesto it states, ‘With regard to the future of Dublin Fire Brigade in the provision of ambulance services, proper consultation must take place between the HSE, Dublin City Council and the paramedics who work on the ground before any attempt is made to remove the Fire Brigade from ambulance provision.’’ He added: “SIPTU members in the DFB are calling upon Fianna Fáil to clarify its position on this matter ahead of the election. Furthermore, our members are calling on all of the political parties to clarify their respective positions on the DFB Ambulance Service ahead of the General Election, so the people of Dublin know precisely what they are voting for in relation to this matter.”