SIPTU has called on the Government to take immediate action to attempt to resolve the crisis facing workers, their families and the economy which will result from a temporary closure of Tara Mines in Navan, county Meath, which is scheduled to commence on 14th July. SIPTU TEAC Division Organiser, Adrian Kane, proposed a motion jointly sponsored by SIPTU, Unite and Connect trade union at the ICTU Biennial Conference in Kilkenny, this morning (Thursday, 6th July) calling for government action on the Tara Mines crisis. It was unanimously endorsed by conference delegates.    Kane said: “The decision by the highly profitable Boliden Group to suspend operations in Tara Mines will have a devastating impact on the workers, their families and local economy.   "This will not be resolved without the Government taking ownership of this situation and saving this critical asset. The ICTU conference has called upon the Government  to urgently engage with Boliden management and trade unions to put in place the necessary supports to ensure that the mine remains in production and workers’ continue to be paid in full.”   He added: “It has also called on the Government to take into account the strategic role that Tara Mines plays in the wider national economy and the importance of zinc as a critical material in transitioning to a carbon neutral economy.”