Delegates at the SIPTU Health Biennial Conference have voted to endorse a motion calling on the National Executive Council of SIPTU to engage with the Public Services Committee of the ICTU with a view to exploring the possibility of bringing forward the date for the commencement of negotiations on a successor to the Public Service Stability Agreement before mid-2019. SIPTU NEC member, Broc Delaney, presented the motion to the more than 250 delegates and observers attending the conference today (Thursday, 4th October) in the Páirc Ui Chaoimh Conference Centre in Cork. He said: “The Government has a responsibility to address issues which impact on the pay of our members. Many of our members are experiencing serious difficulties in paying rent, paying their mortgage, paying the cost of travelling to work, child care costs, the costs of taking care of elderly parents. All of these cost factors are increasing without regard to the ability of workers to pay.” He added: “SIPTU Health Division in recognition of the value of addressing public service pay and conditions through national agreements is calling on the Public Service Committee of the ICTU to engage with the Government by mid 2019 on a successor to the current Public Service Stability Agreement. This initiative would take into consideration the progress made in the wider economy and the challenges ahead.” Section 39 Organisation worker, Helen Tobin, said: “I want not only to support this motion but also demand that the Public Service Committee of the ICTU insist that the Government does not in any future PSSA leave us behind and isolated to fight a campaign for pay restoration and pay progression which is rightfully ours.”