SIPTU members employed as Luas drivers have reiterated their commitment to achieve a fair resolution to the dispute with their employer, Transdev, despite its threat to cut their wages for conducting industrial action. SIPTU Transport, Energy, Aviation and Construction Division Organiser, Owen Reidy, said: “At a general meeting of SIPTU Luas drivers last night (Thursday, 28th April), members pledged continuing support for their elected workplace representatives in their pursuit of a negotiated settlement to this protracted and bitter pay dispute. “Members are angered and frustrated by their employer’s latest attack on them, which is to state that it has cut the workers’ pay by 10% even though their dispute is fully legal and lawful. The actions of the company are intended to create division amongst the workers. However, it has only succeeded in escalating the dispute and uniting the workers in their resolve to achieve a fair resolution.”  He added: “Our members hope Transdev will reflect on its actions and return to the negotiating table as the gap between the parties is at only 3.5% over five years.