The biennial delegate conference of the SIPTU Manufacturing Division will take place on Friday, 7th November, in Liberty Hall, Dublin. The Manufacturing Division represents over 40,000 workers in the private sector across all industry sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Medical Devices, Electronics, Engineering, Industrial Production, Agriculture, Food and Drinks.A highlight of the conference will be the report to delegates on the on-going pay strategy within the Manufacturing Division. SIPTU Divisional Organiser, Gerry McCormack said:“The pay strategy developed firstly in the Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals Medical Devices Sector and later extended to other sectors of the division has secured over 234 pay agreements since 2011.  These agreements provided for pay increases of on average 2% per annum, including other non-pay benefits, and has offset the worst excesses of the economic crisis borne by  SIPTU members and their families”.SIPTU estimates that these pay increase have applied to over 50,000 workers across manufacturing industry and the number of agreements is increasing on a weekly basis.“A wage increase-led recovery coupled with a progressive tax regime is the best way to stimulate economic growth and generate domestic spending,” he said.Other speakers at the Conference include SIPTU General President, Jack O’Connor, Vice-President, Patricia King, General Secretary, Joe O’Flynn, Congress President, John Douglas, EFATT and Political Officer, Estelle Brentnall.