A very successful conference on Workplace Innovation was held on the 30th April and 1st May 2013 at the Green Isle Hotel, Dublin. The conference was jointly hosted by SIPTU’s Manufacturing Division and the IDEAS Institute.  It included speakers and participants from government as well as trade unions employers in the manufacturing sector. Representatives from EUWIN, a European Commission initiative to promote workplace innovation, and Eurofound also contributed to the conference. Sean Sherlock, Minister of State for Research and Innovation, Jack O’Connor, SIPTU General President, Martin Shanahan CEO of Forfás and Brendan McGinty of IBEC also addressed the two day event. At the conference, the Manufacturing Division, IDEAS Institute and EUWIN launched the ‘Dublin Declaration’ on Workplace Innovation which was adopted by delegates. Gerry McCormack, SIPTU Divisional Organiser said: “Workplace Innovation aims to improve workplace performance and working lives and to stimulate positive organisational change through inclusive dialogue and by releasing the creativity of employees.  SIPTU will utilise Workplace Innovation as one method to help retain and ultimately increase employment in the manufacturing sector”. Professor Peter Totterdill, Joint Chief Executive of UKWON Limited and EUWIN’s director for the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Flanders commented: “The launch of the ‘Dublin Declaration’ and the establishment of a social partnership panel is an important element in the establishment of workplace innovation across Ireland and the European Union. “We want to create a thriving, knowledge based community dedicated to raising awareness of Workplace Innovation and to demonstrate that it can play a major role in economic recovery. In particular, we are setting out to show employers across Europe that there are better ways of working based on practices that allow employees at every level to use and develop their knowledge, skills and experiences to the full. “Workplace innovation should lie at the heart of mainstream policy platforms including innovation, productivity, labour market inclusion, equality and diversity, active ageing and health.  Trade unions, employer organisations and researchers also have a key role to play in raising awareness and sharing good practice.” IDEAS Institute, General Manager Ron Kelly said: “The collaboration between the IDEAS Institute and the Manufacturing Division of SIPTU has allowed us to build a considerable level of knowledge and understanding of Workplace Innovation throughout Ireland and this knowledge will place us at the leading edge of this process into the future.  “The excellent work of our colleague Tony Murphy, Workplace Innovation Engineer, is highly regarded by both workers and employers alike and the huge benefits derived from his work are visible in several manufacturing employments in Ireland”.