The SIPTU Meath District Council has called on local trade unionists to show support for 999 emergency call operators who will stage a second 12-hour strike in Navan, County Meath on Thursday, 7th April. SIPTU Meath District Council President, Anton McCabe, said: “What these workers are demanding is simply that their employer, BT Conduit, engage in meaningful negotiations with their representatives in the Communications Workers Union. “The failure to respect these workers’ right to collective representation and its refusal to immediately implement a 50 cents per hour increase to its employees who operate in a highly stressful environment is unacceptable conduct by this multinational company.” SIPTU Meath District Council Co-ordinator, John Regan, said: “In order to demonstrate solidarity with these workers’ legitimate campaign to assert their rights the SIPTU Meath District Council is calling on union members throughout the county to, where possible, visit picket lines in Navan during the strike on 7th April.”