Members of the SIPTU Meath District Council met with the General Manager of Our Lady’s Hospital, Anita Brennan, to discuss the threat to the future of the Accident and Emergency Department at the facility in Navan, county Meath, on Thursday, 4th August. Following the meeting, SIPTU Meath District Council chairman, Anton McCabe, said: “The issue of the future of the Accident and Emergency Department in Our Lady’s Hospital is of extreme importance to SIPTU members in Meath as well as the general public. “At the meeting with the General Manager, we requested a copy of the terms of reference of a review into the operation of the hospital that was recently announced by the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly. We also requested information on the long and short term investment plans for the facility.”  SIPTU Senior Shop Steward in Our Lady’s Hospital, Anne Rochford, said: “We have sought confirmation that local GPs will be included in the review of services announced by the Minister and requested that the HSE hold public meetings in order to keep local communities informed concerning the proposed changes at the hospital. There must be definitive confirmation that the proposed new  Medical Assessment Unit will operate on a 24-hour a day, seven days a week basis.” SIPTU Meath District Council Co-ordinating Secretary, John Regan, said: “There was a commitment to a follow up meeting in the coming weeks. Prior to this meeting there must be further clarity on the plans for improved services at the hospital. Another issue we raised was what impact any changes may have on the HSE emergency service protocol in relation if a major incident was to occur at the New Boliden Tara Mines.”  He added: “It is hoped that there will now be constructive engagement between the SIPTU Meath District Council and HSE concerning the services at the hospital which are vital to the local community.”