SIPTU Meath District Council officers have today (Tuesday, 5th June) paid tribute to the life and work of union activist and Sinn Féin Councillor, Joe Reilly. SIPTU Sector Organiser, John Regan, said: “The passing of Joe Reilly has been a loss felt throughout communities in Meath and further afield. Joe began his many years of trade union activity as a mechanic and member of the TEEU. His focus was always on organising workers so they could more effectively take action to secure better conditions and wider social improvements. “Joe carried this focus also into his work as a County Councillor. I had frequent engagement with him in that role on behalf of workers needing support, advice and representation. His solidarity with workers disputes was always sincere and inspiring.”He added: “As Mayor of Navan he secured and presided over the naming of the Dan Shaw Road and also the Athboy Road roundabout that was dedicated to the late Andy Connolly, a former ITGWU Branch Secretary, who had been his comrade and close friend. Out of respect of his passing the tricolour was flown at half-mast at the SIPTU Dan Shaw Centre.”  SIPTU Meath District Council chairperson and former Navan Town Councillor, Anton McCabe, said: “Joe always had ideas concerning  how to better grow and develop Navan. Working with him on the Town Council was always a good and worthwhile experience. His tireless work for justice, equality and peace for all communities throughout Ireland will live on for many decades.” Former SIPTU Division Organiser, Christy McQuillan, said: “Joe’s vision and his achievements will continue to inspire and influence future generations of political, community and union activists. During our many years of friendship he inspired me in my work as a union organiser and has left a mark on all of us involved in the workers struggle in county Meath.”