The SIPTU Workers Rights Centre (WRC) has secured an order for a €40,000 award for a SIPTU member who was dismissed due to his age by multi-national company PepsiCo at its plant in Little Island, county Cork. SIPTU WRC Advocate, Andrea Cleere, said: “Approaching his 65th birthday, SIPTU member Pat Cassidy simply wanted to remain in his job where he had been employed for more than 30 years. He initiated a request to do so under the Code of Practice on Longer Working of 2017 and after failures in the procedure and undue delay his request was denied.   “The SIPTU WRC took his case to the Workplace Relations Commission. There the Adjudication Officer determined that Pat should be compensated for the discrimination he had suffered. It was also ordered that the company and SIPTU representatives enter discussions on the proper implementation of the Code of Practice on Longer Working.” Pat Cassidy said: “I feel justified by this outcome. I did not get the opportunity to remain at work as I had requested but I’m pleased that workers in the organisation may now have the choice to remain at work beyond their 65th birthday.” Cleere added: “More and more workers in the private sector are seeking to remain at work beyond their 65th Birthday for a variety of reasons. Employers and their representatives must accept that refusing SIPTU members requests to remain at work may result in a case being taken against them to the Workplace Relations Commission under employment equality legislation.” SIPTU Organiser, Terry Bryan, said: “The discrimination suffered by Pat after his many years of service was disappointing given the previously positive relationship between the union and this company. Union representatives will now work with management to ensure the provisions of the Code of Practice on Longer Working are properly implemented.”