The SIPTU Workers Rights Centre secured an award of €18,000, at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), for a member who was dismissed by a private parking company because he needed time off following shoulder surgery. SIPTU Workers Rights Centre Advocate, Shonagh Byrne, said: “The member was employed as a Mobile Enforcement Officer for the company that operates and manages private car park facilities. He advised his employer that he had to have shoulder surgery in October 2019. He provided notice of the surgery and the estimated recovery time.   “The member was called to a meeting with his general manager a week before the surgery was due to take place. He was not advised of the purpose of the meeting or informed of his right to be accompanied by a person of his choice. At this meeting, he was advised that he was being summarily dismissed due to the fact that he had to have surgery and take a period of time off to recover.  “At the WRC hearing into this case, it was argued that the member’s shoulder injury was a temporary disability under the Equality Employment Acts. It was further stated that the decision to dismiss him by the employer was in total breach of fair procedures and was discrimination under that legislation. The Adjudicator accepted this argument and awarded €18,000 as compensation to the member for discriminatory dismissal.”  She added: “This is a positive decision from the WRC for our member who was very badly treated by his former employer. It should encourage workers to join SIPTU to ensure their rights in work are protected.”