SIPTU members have expressed anger at the decision by Rehab Enterprises in Limerick to make workers redundant without exploring alternative options at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC). SIPTU Organiser, Jim Fuery, said: “We attended two WRC conciliation conferences this week in relation to our members in Rehab Enterprises.   “During the discussions, Rehab management informed union representatives that it will be proceeding with its plan to make the workers redundant on minimum and unacceptable terms.  “The company has offered workers two week’s pay with statutory payment of two weeks per year of service. It also insists in applying a cap of a maximum of one year’s salary for each worker. “Some of the workers who are being forced into redundancy have over 25 years service and the proposed payment is a huge reduction in the amount they would have received under the existing, collectively agreed, redundancy package.  “Our members are extremely disappointed and angry that an employer, which receives such large state funding, is forcing people with physical and intellectual disabilities into redundancy with minimum payment after so many years working for the company. “Although the WRC agreed to refer the issue to the Labour Court, Rehab Enterprises has taken pre-emptive action and proceeded with its redundancy plans. We will continue to pursue the legitimate right of our members to the previously agreed redundancy terms.”