SIPTU members employed in Tara Mines in Navan, county Meath, have expressed anger at the rejection of union proposals to prevent the temporary closure of the facility which is now scheduled to commence on 14th July. They have called on the Government to act in order to alleviate the devasting impact it could have on their livelihoods and the local economy. SIPTU TEAC Division Organiser, Adrian Kane, said: “The unions presented the company with proposals last week that sought to prevent the temporary closure of the mine. It is has angered our members that the company did not agree to work with us on putting these proposals into action. Instead, they have moved towards the temporary closure of the mine which will have a massive adverse impact on our members and the wider community. “We will now immediately seek to engage with the company to focus on proposed terms for the laid off workers such as pension payments, sick pay and other benefits, to be implemented if it does move into a temporary closure situation.” He added: “Let there be no doubt, our members will not be going anywhere until all these issues are resolved to their satisfaction.” SIPTU Sector Organiser, John Regan, said: “On the issue of possible social protection payments for these workers, there must be engagement with the Government. We will be calling on it to reconsider the unsatisfactory system currently in place, which if applied, would result in massive financial pressure being placed upon our members, their families and the local economy. We will be calling on the Government to consider a submission by unions on this issue which was presented to it earlier this month.” He added: “The company and the Government should be in no doubt that we will remain committed to our members and the wider community in pushing to have this crucial economic facility restored to full operation in the shortest timeframe if it does enter into a temporary closure situation. We will also be engaging with the wider community to fight for its interests in light of this major economic threat. This is a dark day not only for county Meath but the whole country.”