SIPTU members in Aer Lingus employed at Shannon Airport are devastated by the news that they will be placed on temporary lay-off for a three month period from 8th March. SIPTU Sector Organiser Neil McGowan said: “This is a devastating blow to the Aer Lingus workers based in Shannon Airport who have been on significantly reduced earnings for the last year. “The decision by management to lay-off the workers until June will result in further hardship and uncertainty for the 50 members affected. “Aer Lingus has not operated flights from Shannon since April of last year with the result that workers employed at the airport have suffered significant reductions in working hours and pay. “This announcement and the fact that Aer Lingus will not have operations from Shannon until at least June 2021 highlights the pressing need for the Government to provide additional supports to aviation workers generally. “The industry will simply not survive without significant supports for workers and employers across the Aviation industry”. SIPTU Organiser, Tony Carroll, added: “It is unclear what savings, if any, will be achieved by these lay-offs. Shannon Airport is vital to the economy of the Mid-West and supports hundreds of jobs directly and many thousands more across the region. The longer the pandemic continues to impact on aviation and there are not tailored supports for the industry and those who depend on it for a living, the more lasting the damage to workers and Ireland’s connectivity will be.”