SIPTU members at Shannon Aerospace, Co. Clare, today (Monday, 17th February), served management at the company with notice of industrial action that will commence on Tuesday, 4th March. The industrial action will start with a four-hour work stoppage on 4th March and the commencement of a ban on overtime work at the facility. Further industrial action including work stoppages and other measures will be instigated in the following days if management refuses to enter negotiations on the issues of concern to workers. SIPTU Organiser, Tony Carroll, said: “The workers were left with no option but to commence a campaign of industrial action in order to secure their pension entitlements. The workers’ pension scheme is fully funded and the company is in profit. There is no reason why members should be denied their full entitlements from a scheme into which they have paid.” SIPTU members at Shannon Aerospace earlier this month voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action to protect their pension entitlements.