SIPTU members employed by Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) Student Services Ltd have decided to suspend a scheduled one-day work stoppage tomorrow (Thursday, 2nd March) following union representatives and management agreeing a set of proposed wage increases. SIPTU Organiser, Bill Mulcahy, said: “At talks today (Wednesday, 1st March) a set of proposals concerning wage increases for our members was agreed. SIPTU members in CIT Student Services Ltd will ballot on these proposals on Friday (3rd March). “The workplace dispute committee has recommended the acceptance of the proposals as they meet the union’s stated aim of all the workers’ wages being at least €13 per hour.” Student Services Ltd was set up and is run by CIT management, to deliver services including catering and shops in the Institute. The dispute has already resulted in a one-day work stoppage on Wednesday, 7th December, 2016.