SIPTU members in the Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) have reassured the public that they are actively working with management to ensure the Emergency Medical Service they operate is maintained throughout the unfolding Covid-19 crisis. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Brendan O’Brien, said: “The National Ambulance Service was initially involved in the first response to the Covid-19, while members of Dublin Fire Brigade continued to provide the day-to-day ambulance service in Dublin via their Fire Based Emergency Medical Service. “As the situation unfolds DFB members are now also becoming more involved in the Covid-19 response and are actively dealing with the pandemic. The emergency health system in Dublin has extra resilience which can be utilised as all firefighters are also trained paramedics. He added: “We also wish to acknowledge the commitment of our members in DFB and across our emergency services who are in the frontline in the response to this unprecedented crisis we are all facing. A number of our colleagues across the emergency services have contracted the Covid-19 in the course of performing their duties on behalf of the public and we wish them a speedy recovery.”