SIPTU members in Dunnes Stores have expressed their satisfaction with an announcement by the company, today (Tuesday, 12th May), that it has conceded a 3% pay claim made by SIPTU and Mandate last month. SIPTU Organiser, Derek Casserly, said: “Management at Dunnes Stores confirmed the concession of the pay claim to staff this morning. While this above inflation annual pay rise is important for staff the company has yet to accept that they require certainty regarding their working hours. “A pay increase will improve hourly pay rates but as our members’ hours can be reduced by management and there is no guarantee they will see the benefit of this increase in their pay packets.” He added: “Our members are still pursuing the implementation of banded hour contracts to ensure some level of certainty and security of their week-to-week earnings. Our members are only seeking to achieve secure hours and earnings, job security, fair pay and the right to be represented by their trade union. These are rights already enjoyed by their colleagues working in other major retail chains including Tesco, Penneys, Marks and Spencer and SuperValu.” SIPTU representatives are currently undertaking a series of meetings around the country with members in Dunnes Stores. At these meetings members are being briefed on a Labour Court recommendation issued last week in relation to their claim for the implementation of secure contracts which guarantee their weekly earnings.