SIPTU members at the Glen Dimplex manufacturing plant in Newry, County Down, voted overwhelmingly today (Tuesday, 20th September) to accept pay proposals which resulted from negotiations that followed a month long campaign of industrial action. SIPTU shop steward, Alan Clark, said: “After four weeks of a work-to-rule campaign and two 24-hour work stoppages, our members decided to suspend their industrial action to allow talks with management concerning a pay rise every chance of success. “At these talks agreement was reached on a set of pay proposals which have now been accepted by the vast majority of the workers. We believe that this new pay deal will protect the livelihood of workers in the plant. SIPTU workplace representative, Ollie White, said: “SIPTU members voted by more than four to one to accept the new pay deal.” He added: “Glen Dimplex is a profitable company and it is only fair that its employees should receive a reasonable pay rise due to the crucial role they play in the company’s success.” SIPTU Organiser, Denis Sheridan, said: “Across the manufacturing sector, SIPTU is successfully negotiating pay rises for its members. This agreement will benefit the company and workers in the long term as it will ensure that everyone at Glen Dimplex is adequately rewarded for their hard work in producing its high quality products.” There are approximately 120 SIPTU members employed at the Glen Dimplex plant in Newry which has been in operation since 1973.