SIPTU members in Irish Rail will engage in a 24-hour work stoppage on Monday, 25th August, if the management of the transport company carries out its threat to introduce pay cuts without agreement. SIPTU Organiser, Paul Cullen, said: “Our members in Irish Rail do not wish to engage in industrial action but have been left with no option due to the determination of management to force through cuts in their pay without agreement.“SIPTU members have engaged with the company since 2010 in relation to cost containment measures. During this period they agreed to staff numbers being reduced by 2,000 and a €36 million reduction in payroll costs.“In 2012, our members committed to an agreement with management which was supposed to run until 2016.  In recent years, they have also accepted the introduction of additional regulations and assessments as well as the implementation of an EU directive separating the management of rail infrastructure from other operations.“These changes have all been implemented while operating costs have been reduced by €73 million and the Public Service Obligation from €171 million to €117 million”.Paul Cullen added: “Our members do not believe that the cuts they are being asked to take will be the last they will be expected to endure. Due to the cuts in funding to the rail service the company is operating with a deficit of €30 million. There is no indication that the National Transport Authority or Department of Transport have any plans on how to offset this deficit other than expecting Irish Rail staff to endure further cuts.“The solution to this dispute rests with management pulling back from its threat to cut pay on the 24th August and turning their attention to seriously addressing the funding requirements of the company”.