SIPTU members in Irish Rail will begin balloting next week on proposals presented by the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) yesterday (Monday, 3rd February), in relation to changes to their terms and conditions of employment. SIPTU Organiser, Paul Cullen, said: “When considering these proposals, which include further reductions in pay, it must be taken into account that workers in Irish Rail have already contributed in previous agreements to alleviating the company’s financial difficulties. Since 2008 workers have accepted a pay freeze as well as reductions in annual leave entitlements, expenses and staff numbers. There have also been changes to pensions entitlements and closures of booking offices.” He added: “Members are concerned that while they have taken measures in recognition of the financial position of the company similar reductions in non-payroll costs have not been pursued with the same vigor. Members are concerned that in media commentary concerning these proposals their earlier contributions have not been recognised and would wish this to be rectified. “Fundamental to members’ consideration of these proposals will be their ability to trust management that no further changes will be requested during the lifetime of any possible agreement.” The result of the SIPTU ballot of members in Irish Rail is expected later this month.