SIPTU members employed in RTÉ have committed themselves to opposing any attempt to outsource the production of shows currently produced by the national broadcaster to the private sector.

SIPTU Organiser, Martin Mannion, said: “At a meeting of the SIPTU RTÉ Committee on Thursday, 27th June it was decided that union members will oppose any move to outsource their work by all means at their disposal.

“RTÉ management’s proposals to cut jobs and outsource productions, such as the Late, Late Show and Fair City, are being forced on staff without consultation with them or their union. Rather than a considered response to the crisis facing RTÉ what we are witnessing is a cynical move by management towards the privatisation of the station.”

SIPTU member and Broadcast Engineer, Ciaran Kelly, said: “This is a company that staff have given their working lives to. If management believes that it will be allowed to erode conditions of employment that were long fought for and hard-won it is seriously mistaken.

“These proposals amount to a kick in the teeth to the ordinary workers at the station. The staff affected by this proposal are the very people who have always given 100% and gone the extra mile to ensure that programmes were made and got to air.”

He added: “We are all very committed, passionate and proud of our jobs. Rather than value us, management is expecting us to pay for its gross misgovernance and waste of licence fee money over recent years.”

SIPTU RTÉ Committee Chairperson, Zac Sloper, said: “The current problems in RTÉ were brought about by bad management decisions and practices. SIPTU members do not have confidence in the current managers of the station, many of whom were in place during the recent fiascos. We do not believe they have the best interests of RTÉ or its staff at heart.

“SIPTU members will not be left to pay the price for problems created by RTE management. Our Union will be seeking meetings with RTÉ management to raise our opposition to its proposals. We will ensure that changes are made to protect our members’ jobs and future jobs within the media industry.”