SIPTU members employed in RTÉ met today (Tuesday, 11th July) at its headquarters in Donnybrook in Dublin to discuss the ongoing crisis at the national broadcaster and the arrival of the new Director General, Kevin Bakhurst. SIPTU Organiser, Martin Mannion, said: “Our members took a break from the unfolding drama of Ryan Tubridy and Noel Kelly appearing in-front of Oireachtas committees today to discuss the more important business of the future of the station.  “Our members remain in a state of anger and shock concerning the information emerging about the governance of the station to which they are dedicated. While they believe many of the statements made by Kevin Bakhurst are positive, they have heard similar before from other incoming Director Generals relating to progressive change in the organisation. Of course, these were not made during periods of extreme crisis in the station, as we are facing now.  He added: “Unfortunately, words will not change the dire situation in which the station finds itself. Trust, credibility and accountability can only be restored by actions. In order for this to be achieved the Director General must fully engage with the unions representing RTÉ employees concerning all aspects of the proposed reform of the organisation.”  SIPTU Services Division Organiser, Teresa Hannick, said: “Our members have long had deep misgivings relating to the governance of RTÉ. They have had to deal with bogus self-employment schemes, wage cuts while at least some high earners were largely protected and now the public disgrace of what has emerged in recent weeks.”  She added: “If the reputation of the public broadcaster is to be resorted, which it must be for the benefit of our democracy and society, the new Director General must have the full buy in of all workers at the station for a reform programme. Some of our members earn less than €40,000, some considerably less, they are the backbone of this station and deserve to now become key to its future rather face any further exploitation while they provide a vital public service.”  SIPTU members will be protesting and calling for major reform of the national broadcaster at the RTÉ campus located at Donnybrook in Dublin tomorrow at 1.00 p.m.